WiserGo ultrapassa um milhão de euros em pacotes de viagens

A WiserGo, a platform online which operates in the market of buying and selling tourist trips – created tailored to each client by specialists at the place of destination – It's surprising the sector to overcome the barrier of one million euros in travel packages applications in just nine months. Also the fact that the start-up count more than 100 unique itineraries in Portugal, created by local staff, that put them up for sale on the platform at WiserGo.

Criada em 2013, a start-up aims to provide an effective response and innovative to tourists who want to acquire a custom travel package based on your interests and personal tastes. All the suggested programs are designed by agents, that by living in the places, know all the tourist attractions and typical of the regions. One of the innovations of this project is, precisely, the use of local people who prepared travel packages, becoming, in this way, Tourist promoters of sites where they reside.

According To Pedro Santos Vieira, Ceo of WiserGo, There is a clear gap in the market, Once the tourists are increasingly shopping online, but the information provided is dispersed, making it sometimes confusing and even misleading to the user. The WiserGo solves this problem with tools that allow local officials planning, in collaboration with the tourists, unique travel itineraries that include what really matters for your trip.

Available, para já, only in Portugal, the WiserGo aims to reach new markets in brief, aimed at countries with cultural patterns similar to those of Portugal.