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Tunisia to re-enter MSC Cruises itineraries

The Tunisia, with its port of La Goulette, will once again be part of MSC's Mediterranean Summer Cruises between April and October next year.

Habib Ammar e Foued Ben Othman, Tunisian Ministers of Tourism and Transport, respectivamente, met with Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises, and with the CEO of the company, Gianni Onorato, to agree the trips planned for the next year aboard the MSC Opera. The ship will add to its current planned itinerary the port of La Goulette for a total of 27 stopovers from April to October 2022.

MSC Cruises and the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism, also agreed, to work together on dedicated communications programs in the future., particularly in Italy, França e Alemanha, to promote Tunisia's attractiveness as a destination and cruises as a preferred option to explore and enjoy its many tourist attractions.



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