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Travelport and TTS launch Mobile Agent for smartphones

The Travelport – whose booking system is used by a large percentage of national travel agencies – and the TTS, leader in developing innovative solutions for the travel industry and to global tourism, have just launched the Travelport Mobile Agent for mobile phones with the Windows operating system. First released in 2011, the Travelport Mobile Agent has witnessed sustained growth and is, currently, used in more than 10.000 mobile devices. The initial version was available for all mobile devices from Apple, sendo que, em 2012, o software has been extended to smartphones e tablets using the Android system.

TMA_WindowsPhone_NewsThe Travelport Mobile Agent is a tool developed by TTS which ensures that travel agents linked to Travelport worldwide can access the platform of the multinational, anytime and from anywhere, through the mobile device or tablet. The solution enables agents can advise their clients on the best travel options or change existing reservations, thereby increasing the added value offer, What leads to greater customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and increase revenue.

The tool online allows travel agents have the same experience that you have when using the Travelport Smartpoint in their offices. This means that agents can still access the graphical content and to branded fares and auxiliary products of the world's top airlines. The Travelport Mobile Agent also synchs across all mobile devices, allowing travel agents to begin work on a customer's reservation on one device and finish it or change it in another.

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