Today's headlines- 16 may 2018

Correio da Manhã:

– "Terror in Alcochete: Sporting risk millions on termination of stars "

– "Players blame Bruno de Carvalho and threaten to leave with just about the Club"

– "Cheerleader invades center stage attacks players and spreads panic in the locker room"

– "GNR hunting attackers with siege on the road: Advanced Dutch [Bas Dost] brutally beaten "

– "Economy hangs with GDP in the tail of Europe"

– "Porto: Dean accumulates queries on University "

– "Campaign to prevent deaths by negligence"

– "Dismissed: Montepio pays millionaire managers compensation "

– "Parking in Braga: Mosque and Salvador accused by business "

– "Mission in Lithuania: Marines depart for Russia on Baltic border watch "

Diário de Notícias:

– “Egg donors agree to break the anonymity”

– “Crisis in Sporting with terminations in the table, players will still decide whether they play UEFA Cup”

– “GYM. Family beneficiaries at risk of losing access to intersection of income”

– “Protest on education. Há 150 buses filled with three days of demonstration of teachers”

– “Accounts of the INE. Budgetary slack disappears with growth slowing to 2.1%”

– “Conflict in the Middle East. United States and Israel defend itself from the wave of indignation”

Jornal de Notícias:

– “Crisis in Sporting. Players threatened to withdraw and boycott the Cup”

– “Hospitals accumulate one year of debt”

– “Universities. Porto and Lisbon against cuts in vacancies to the superior”

– “GYM. Family income of beneficiaries will be canvassed”

– “Porto. Bolhão entered works the day made 100 anos”

– “Gondomar. Camera without funds to pay the invoice EDP”

– “Guimarães. Screwed up the value of the Social security reform”

– “Gaza. Global condemnation of bloodshed isolates Israel and USA”

– “Reino Unido. Meghan's father refuses to go to the Royal Wedding”


– “Portugal in the EEC almost disappears from the teaching of history”

– “The contract workers in hospitals will be able to progress in your career”

– “Sporting. Aggression in Alcochete threaten Portugal Cup final”

– “Lone Star gives positive note and retains António Ramalho in new Bank”

– “Fireworks. Government relents on fines to ensure air media”

– “Tom Wolfe. Died the big bully of us lyrics”

– “Moçambique. RENAMO ' no hurry’ to fill the void left by Dhlakama”

– “Agricultura. Biopesticides will have research centre in Alentejo”

Newspaper i:

– “The war of Alcochete. All ask the head of Bruno de Carvalho”

– “Almeida Rodrigues, former Director of the PJ, When i: ' I leave with the feeling of accomplishment '”

– “Meet the CML's plans to change the face of Entrecampos”

– “Gaza buries the dead. Requested investigation into the massacre”

– “Buy studies to sleep prevents Alzheimer's”


– “Wage disparity in companies is getting worse”

– “EDP: There was only a takeover with lower premium and failed”

– “Why is that the economy is slowing?”

– “Government approves new rules for GYM”

– “Aggression in Alcochete worsen crisis at Sporting”

– “Industry. Cimpor lost 490 million in 2017”

– “Name and products of Montepio may change”


– "TERROR: Ultras Leonine youth invade Alcochete and bully squad in the locker room "

– "Vigil in Alvalade supporting players"

– "Sporting: Andrew Gallagher in the Web: Handball risks descent into corruption scheme "

– "Benfica: Aarón advances "

– "FC Porto: Ewerton under eye

– "Jose Mourinho: ' Sporting and Benfica needs no change of coach ' "

The Ball:

– "The blackest day in the history of the Sporting"

– "Players ponder move for termination with just cause and criminal complaint against Bruno de Carvalho as moral author of aggression"

– "Hooded group broke into the Academy of Alcochete and assaulted coaches and football players"

– "We were terrified, It was a drama ', Bas Dost "

– "Government, FPF and require Justice League, Prosecutors investigates "

– "Jesus wants to win the Cup and tries to convince the squad to go to the Jamor"

– "Hundreds of fans gathered at Alvalade Stadium in a vigil against violence"

– "' Was boring, but crime is part of everyday life ', Bruno de Carvalho "

– "Jaime Marta Soares calls social organs"