Today – press titles 01 August 2018


– "Lower notes in exams take 5000 students to universities "

– "Pensions: extra boost comes today 1,6 millions of pensioners "

– "Bastonário denounces' stopper law’ Santa Maria no "

– "State agrees to renegotiate counterparts with Airbus"

– "Experts devastate proposal of the Government of the sea"

– "Italian ship returns to Libya 108 rescued in the Mediterranean "

– "Sérgio Sousa Pinto: The politician who forced the country to discuss the right of gays "

– "Genetics: Hare Iberian saves a 'ghost' of the past "

Newspaper i:

– "Wandering country faces scorching heat"

– "Housing: Alfama district exceeds four thousand euros per square meter "

– "Catarina Martins backs across the board and admits 'error of judgment'"

– "Summer: No party in town. Mirandela's light music and drums ... "

– "Opinion: Carlos Careers fears the end of the Lisbon Cascais line "

– "Football: The glorious odyssey of the Portuguese players out there "


– "Donations to the PSD fire in 2017"

– "Marcelo can catch business of Fidelity"

– "Audit Centeno cost a million to Caixa"

– "Prices of houses reach up 90% in Lisbon"

– "Energy: Super Bock even more 'universal' after BPI output "

– "Post offices: CTT outweigh restructuring goals "

– "Altri buy half that lacked EDP Bioelectrical"

– "DefinedCrowd passes test and strengthens team in Portugal"

Jornal de Notícias:

– "Water consumption increased in years of extreme drought"

– "Price of house fires in the historic center"

– "Rio tightens Costa and wants explanations of Tancos"

– "Rui Moreira admits problems in collection of waste in the Port"

– "Vacancy robberies BMW brand cars just to steal wheels"

– "Finance: Debt is the biggest drop since joining the euro "

– "Mafioso hijacked boat owner to traffic drugs"

– "Sports: Supplement Volta a Portugal to detail "

– "League: Season starts at the Luz Stadium 10 of August"

– "F.C Port Aboubakar interests to Seville"

Correio da Manhã

– "Rents of houses rise 1.15%"

– "PJ and Marines rescued victim of the mafia on the high seas"

– "Bloc voted against Robles mansard"

– "Heritage of the richest in doubles 15 years "

– "Benfica accelerates Jonas case solution"

– "Champions teach new gesture to Marcelo"

– "Parents on full alert for heatwave"

– "Sardine Capture banned on Wednesdays"

The Ball:

– "Solution Salvio – Rui Vitória think the Argentine to right-back "

– "Bas Dost back to goals"

– "Ferrari in the list [FC Porto]”

– "Dance with Marcelo"

– "Sporting is taboo for Gelson"

The Game:

– "West Ham came by Brahim" - "British were yesterday in Porto to bring the Algerian"

– "Seville confirms interest in Aboubakar"

– "Bruno Vieira and scratched", "Ex-president and former vice [the Sporting] suspended for one year

– "Vieira tightens Salvio"


– "Bas Dost always killer", "Dutch was holder after eight days, He made the winning goal and was in good plan "

– "Schmeichel and Andrew Cruz to João Benedito", "Balconies Frederick was the first to formalize application [Sporting "]

– "Reuben Days in the window"

– "John Philip has defined career path"

– "Seville is pushing for Aboubakar"

– "Marcelo entered the fashion dance"

– "Ronaldo kicks off in big"

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