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  • DouroAzul will recruit 100 employees for cruise season 2022

    The DouroAzul company informed in a statement that it will recruit 100 employees for the cruise season 2022, through initiatives that will take place during the month of January in the Douro region. The leading river cruise company in Portugal with a fleet of 11 hotel ships, also said that, for this year, decided to give […]

  • Tolls on ex-SCUT and cheaper motorways inland

    The Council of Ministers approved a reduction in the price of tolls on ex-SCUT and on inland highways, one of the major demands of the tourism sector, mainly from entities and entrepreneurs linked to tourism in those territories. At the press conference after the meeting, the Minister for Territorial Cohesion, Sathya A, referiu que esta medida se enquadra no […]

  • Tourism wants entrepreneurs to qualify tourism offer in the interior of the country

    Turismo de Portugal launches this Saturday, em Portalegre, a program for entrepreneurs to learn how to qualify the tourist offer in the interior of the country, adapting it to the identity of each territory, through the enhancement of endogenous products and services. This is the Green Up program promoted in partnership with the consultancy and entrepreneurship support company […]

  • No Verão: tourist consumption in the interior of Portugal was higher than on the coast

    This summer there was a higher consumption of tourists in the interior regions than on the coast of Portugal. Considering the value of operations by region compared to 2019, the variation in the value of operations in Manteigas stands out (34%), Terras de Bouro (16%), Porto Santo (5%) and Grândola (3%). The regions traditionally most sought after by tourists […]

  • Pandemic reversed demand in Northern Portugal

    Tourists began to travel to the innermost territories in search of security with an occupancy rate that 75% e 80% in destinations like Trás-os-Montes, Douro and Minho, while cities in the North are reopening gradually and receiving far fewer visitors. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the president of […]

  • Inland tourism has registered a greater demand

    Against the national indicators, inland tourism has registered a greater demand compared to 2019, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, stated this Tuesday (04), the Secretary of State of tourism, Rita Marques. According to the governor, the tourism demand, a nível nacional, decreased in the context of the pandemic, but there are increases in […]

  • TPNP: pandemic is an opportunity for inland tourism

    This is our big opportunity and the numbers show it. It is becoming easier to fill Douro, Trás-os-Montes and Minho and more difficult cities. Whoever said it was the president of Porto and Northern Portugal Tourism in Baião, acrescentando que a covid-19 trouxe algo de menos negativo: pela primeira vez colocou […]

  • Valorizar Program gives 14 million euros to tourism projects in the interior

    The first projects financed under the 2nd notice of the Support Line for the Tourist Enhancement of the Interior are already known, of the Valorizar Program. They are in total 85 applications involving a global investment of more 22 million euros and an incentive of almost 14 milhões de euros. According to a statement from the […]

  • tourist promotion of the interior “WINS” budget of 1 OE million euros

    The State Budget (OE) 2020 assigned to the Turismo de Portugal a sum of 1 million euro in order to promote tourism activities within the country, as approved, unanimously, by Parliament. – Parliament approved on Tuesday an amendment to the OE, presented by Party Parliamentary Group […]

  • Interior will win 140 million Government of euros

    Secretary of State for the Interior Valuation, Isabel Ferreira, He ensured that the interior of the country will receive 140 million to invest in innovation, competitividade, highly qualified human resources and small investment. The ruling sponsored, the weekend, the official launch of the new identity of the Taverns Alto Tamega, built in the 29th Fair program […]

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