Penha Longa Resort received the "Sustainable Cabin Forum" 2019, event allowed, pela primeira vez, that airlines and airport operators to debate, with the main regulators, "The challenges of single use plastics and catering waste in aviation".

The aim was to, as stated by Paulo Mirpuri, President of Mirpuri and Hi Fly Foundation, "Sharing knowledge and best practices among airlines, aeroportos, Caterers, manufacturers and regulators sector, inviting discussion of the topic of disposable plastics and cabin waste resulting from international air transport of passengers ".

The theme of sustainability and plastic waste is something that will be talked about in the near future. Sobre be subject Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner said that the objective of the Commission is to "talk about sustainability is to say that we need to change the economic models of an ambitiously, and we do it for one simple reason - it is simply unsustainable continue with the laugh of production and consumption of goods that currently we register. Para isso, it is urgent to adopt a minimum waste of the economy and which can keep the outstanding resources for as long as possible. "

O “Sustainable Cabin Forum” 2019 It was organized by Hi Fly and the Mirpuri Foundation in partnership with IATA (International Air Transport Association) and under the European Commissioner for the Environment sponsorship, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Carmelo Vella.

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