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Routes (4) of TAP created in Porto are now a loss for the company

The Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, stated during his parliamentary hearing at the Economic Commission, Inovação, Public Works and Housing, the four routes - Amsterdam, Milão, Ponta Delgada and Zurich – recently created at Porto airport, after the State takes a safer position in TAP, are currently a loss for the airline.

Pedro Nuno Santos pointed out that the four routes have 46% average capacity and are at this time a loss for TAP.

The minister also added that the strengthening of the TAP Express / Portugália fleet is being studied, to operate, from Porto and Faro, to other airports in Europe, in point-to-point connections, to try to make TAP more competitive, namely vis-à-vis low-cost airlines.

Layoffs and Restructuring

Still in the same hearing, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing announced that they will leave 1.600 TAP group employees by the end of the year, having already left 1.200 employees and denied the data presented by the Left Block, who pointed out the exit of 1.500 TAP crew, mentioning that this would be 80% of the labor force and ensuring that 1.600 workers who will leave are from the whole group and not just from the airline.

The company's restructuring plan, Pedro Nuno Santos did not mention what measures, recalling only that the deadline for submitting it ends on 10 de Dezembro.

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  1. Good afternoon . Today my wife and I left Porto for Amsterdam a week ago and returned on Sunday, obviously this experience cannot be seen as what happens in general, but if these flights were an example my comment to these statements is as follows :
    components “seat load factor” – Without any doubts above the 75%
    Rev Pax component – I just have to say the following; I bought the tickets through Skyscanner and because ? Because going to the TAP website, the amount to be paid per passenger was double what appeared on Skyscanner, now the most interesting part ; when I accessed skyscanner , this site sent me imagine where … to the TAP website … as an old acquaintance of us all said …. ” and this huh ”
    Finally, it would be interesting if the Transportes Aereos da Portela had, I mean I, another strategic orientation in commercial terms and perhaps operational; but I don't want TAP to be called Transportes Aereos do Porto


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