Portway: strike at airports before Christmas and New Year

Associates were consulted and the various voices of those trying to do the best in the company were heard., to the Airport Maintenance and Aviation Workers Union (STAMA) there is no other alternative but to go for industrial actions or strikes. This is the content of the decision was taken after a meeting that took place between the union structure and the 'handling' company, on compliance with the Company Agreement (AE) on portway. The union structure ends the communiqué informing the passengers who can read this communication, who lament the way Portway forces workers to follow.

STAMA put forward three strike notices on Portway for several days in December, including a "total" stoppage on days 22, 23, 29 e 30, According to a statement.

Assim, the union issued three advance strike notices, and the first, by "abuses of adaptability", provides for a one-hour stoppage at entry, two hours on departure starting at 09 de Dezembro (inclusive) e até 31 de Dezembro (inclusive)”.

The second warning concerns "nonconformities in the payment of overtime work", and predicts a strike to all overtime, including work on public holidays, starts the 09 de Dezembro, for an indefinite period, or until the situation is remedied.

Finalmente, in protest against what it calls "a brooding over performance evaluation" STAMA decided to go ahead with a total strike in the days 22 e 23 de Dezembro e 29 e 30 de Dezembro.