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Portugal enters a state of calamity one day 01 Dezembro

A partir de 01 December the country enters a state of calamity. This is the measure that most stands out from the decisions approved by the Council of Ministers,

To respond to the worsening coid-19 pandemic in Portugal, the government announced the new measures, with the return of the mandatory use of a mask, the reinforcement of testing and a week of contention in January.

With the new rules already approved by the Council of Ministers, António Costa justifies the measures, commenting that despite the vaccination and the situation better than in the generality of Europe, Portugal not as well as what it wanted to be.

Assim, with the return to the calamity situation from 01 de Dezembro, most of the measures that come into force on the same day are based on, sobretudo, in reinforcing the use of masks, of testing and digital certificate.

To ensure that the measures now approved have a legal framework, Mainland Portugal to enter into a disaster situation, pela segunda vez, a 01 de Dezembro, date restrictions come into effect.

The disaster situation is the highest level of response to disaster situations provided for in the Basic Civil Protection Law, above the contingency and alert situation, which is currently in force in Portugal.

essential measures

Mandatory masks in all enclosed spaces: the use of the mask being one of the three main instruments of the executive to contain the worsening of the covid-19 pandemic., the use of a mask becomes mandatory again in all closed spaces.

Spaces defined by the Directorate-General for Health as exceptions may be excluded from this rule..

Digital certificate for restaurants, tourist facilities, gyms and some events: the covid-19 digital certificate is once again mandatory for access to restaurants, tourist establishments and local accommodation, gyms and events with marked seats.

The presentation of digital certificate, which could be vaccination, testing or recovery, had been waived under the latest deconfinement measures, but the obligation now returns due to the worsening of the epidemiological situation.

access to homes, health facilities, big events and clubs only with negative test: in the next phase of the fight against the pandemic, the Government also decided to strengthen testing and, in this context, access to homes, health facilities, major cultural or sporting events and nightclubs will now require the submission of a negative SARS-CoV-2 virus detection test.

The measure even applies to people vaccinated against covid-19.

Eventos: it will be necessary to present a negative test is mandatory at all major events, whatever your nature, cultural or sporting, that take place in improvised places, without marked seats and at all sporting venues, covered or outdoors.

Negative test also for flights arriving in Portugal and companies subject to sanctions: the presentation of a diagnostic test with a negative result will also become mandatory for all passengers flying to Portugal from 01 de Dezembro, whatever the point of origin and whatever the nationality of the passenger.

In addition to this obligation, as companhias aéreas who transport passengers without a negative test to covid-19 incur fines of 20 thousand euros per person and the Government will also aggravate the additional sanctions that may culminate in the suspension of the flight licenses of these companies to national territory.

First week of January with reinforced measures to contain the pandemic after the festivities: during the first week of January, a set of measures will be in place to reduce contacts, in order to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 after the Christmas and New Year period.

Schools: the restart of the academic year has been postponed to 10 de Janeiro, instead of the date initially set in the school calendar., which foresaw the beginning of the 2nd period on the day 03. the postponement, applied to all public and private schools and day care centers, it will be compensated with two days during the Carnival break and another three during the Easter holidays.

Discos and bars: entre 02 e 09 de Janeiro will also be closed discotheques and bars.

Telework will be mandatory.

Government recommends telecommuting and regular testing: telecommuting and regular testing do not make the list of new rules, but they are Government recommendations to help contain the covid-19 pandemic.

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