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Octopus is king in Lourinhã in gastronomic fortnight

The 12th edition of the Quinzena Gastronómica do Polvo da Lourinhã invites you to a gastronomic journey through 21 restaurants in the region and more than 50 dishes where this mollusk is the protagonist

Running between days 20 e 30 deste mês, of tickets, to main course and even desserts, There are more than 50 the recipes created especially for the Gastronomic Fortnight of Polvo da Lourinhã.

Combining tradition with modernity, can be tasted, entre muitas outras, the following delicacies: Breaded octopus with coriander açorda, Octopus tempura with sea rice, Octopus curry, Brás Octopus, Powder carpaccio, Octopus Woodpecker, Octopus pizza with lagareiro, Bulhão Pato octopus sandwiches, Octopus Macaroni and Dreams of Octopus Jam.

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, the municipality of Lourinhã adapted the original concept of this Gastronomic Fortnight to the new circumstances, the event being able to be enjoyed, in addition to the participating restaurants (inside or on the terrace), also at home, through take-away and delivery modalities.

Para o efeito, it should be noted that the council executive approved exceptional support for the entire restaurant and beverage sector for the extension or allocation of esplanades with fee exemption up to 31 de Dezembro de 2021. Além disso, the municipality signed a protocol with ANTRAL (National Association of Road Transport or Light Automobiles), making the delivery service available in the region free of charge during the 11 days of the initiative.

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