OMT gives prizes to rural villages

Rural villages that are the best examples of using tourism to provide opportunities and safeguard their communities, traditions and heritage will be distinguished by the World Tourism Organization (OMT), with the prize “Best Tourism Villages”.

With this award, WTO aims to identify villages that have adopted innovative and transformative approaches to tourism in rural areas.

The locations selected with the “Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO” will be announced during the 24th meeting of the WTO general assembly, that will take place in Marrakesh, Marrocos, entre 12 e 15 de Outubro de 2021.

A iniciativa “Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO” UNWTO aims to maximize the sector's contribution to reduce regional inequalities and combat rural depopulation, the objective being to make tourism a positive force for the transformation, rural development and community welfare.

Os “Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO” are based on three pillars, one of which is the “Selo Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO” that will identify villages that are examples of excellence in rural tourism destinations with recognized cultural and natural assets, that preserve and promote values, rural and community products and lifestyles and that defend a manifest commitment to innovation and sustainability in economic terms, social and environmental.

The other two pillars are the Upgrade Best Tourism Villages Program by UNWTO and Rede Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO, a space for the exchange of experiences, good practices, etc.


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