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New edition of the BEST – BEST Program 2.0

Management & Estratégia, Finanças, Sustainability, Liderança, Inovação, Entrepreneurship, Digital & Technology, Marketing and Customer Service are the areas to be addressed at BEST 2.0, the new edition of the BEST Program – Business Education for Smart Tourism, business training and capacity building.

the new edition, taking place in online format at the Digital Academy of Tourism of Portugal, will have free sessions from 30 de Novembro.

Until June 2022 are provided for 100 training actions that will provide participants with knowledge, techniques and tools that enable them, in a simple and practical way, raise your levels of innovation, financial analysis, efficiency and productivity and proactively reinforce the resilience and competitive sustainability of their organizations in the current context of high dynamism.

This fourth edition of the BEST – BEST Program 2.0 – includes news.

The training cycle foresees not only the active participation of partners from the financial and business areas that will share solutions and approaches to new challenges, but also the deepening of the aspect associated with the theme of sustainability, encouraging companies to incorporate ESG factors – Environmental, Social and Governancein your business strategies.

According to the Secretary of State of tourism, Rita Marques, this focus is fundamental, because all agents in the sector have to find a balance between economic priorities, the social and environmental factors, as well as valuing the non-financial information of companies, understand their impact on their strategy and on their ability to create value.

it is recalled that the Program BEST was developed by Turismo de Portugal, in partnership with the Confederation of Tourism of Portugal and industry associations, with the aim of promoting the development of strategic and competitive management skills of tourist companies and encouraging their preparation in relation to current challenges and trends in the global market.

BEST Program actions take place, online and live, na Digital Academy of Tourism of Portugal, and participation is free, although subject to registration.

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