Museum of the life of Christ in Fatima will be auctioned

The building of the Museum of the life of Christ, in Fatima, will the auction today, quarta-feira, for a total amount of about 5,3 milhões de euros. According to the auction house Leilosoc, with headquarters in Porto, the property value is 4.456.063 euros and of movable property is 836.187 euros.

The auction, starting at 14:30 at the hotel Estrela de Fátima, in Fatima, will have various combinations of sale, being the initial all the lots, followed by, If that does not come true, the sale batch to batch, num total de 23.

Given this is a public auction, Anyone who wants to attend can do so and who wish to bid you must register at the moment.

The most expensive of the lots up for auction is the number 01, the Museum, installed in a building of three floors with nearly 3000 square meters, has a base value of about 3,3 milhões de euros. In this batch there is the sum the biblical scenarios (798.522,19 euros), furniture (cerca de 16 mil euros) and ' stock ' of the store (in the order of 21 mil euros).

The Life of Christ Museum was opened in April 2007. Has a collection of 210 wax figures, distributed by 33 scenes, the same number of years he lived Jesus.

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