The Food marvila receives Villa

Opens today that it is the first pop-up food market of Marvila. It is called The Food Villa and extends until Sunday, dia 9 de Dezembro. located in the Warehouse 105 runs from 14 às 24 horas.

Admission is free and allows not only experience wines from various regions of the country (Alentejo, Algarve, Bairrada, Give, Douro, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo) and the neighborhood beer brands, namely the Lynx, Muse and Two Crows. The program yet appear gastronomic moments, a saber: Café Calm and with their cakes that delight passers by Marvila, the Stuffed Pig Black House, Flower of cheeses Transmontana, the cream puffs It's Cold, the bread of ISCO and Berlin Balls Balls Beach.

In the food visitors can choose from the following food trucks: Piadina's, Wine & Co., From Coffeedential (for those who do good coffee dispensing!), I bolo do Caco and a food truck "representative" do Social Club Bulo (great opportunity to meet the Argentine empanadas and ceviches!). without forgetting the showcookings, featuring:

Sexta 7 de Dezembro:
Hugo Brito (Boi-Horse); Leopoldo Garcia Calhau (ex-Café Garrett); Joaquim Leal Saragga (Taberna Sal Grosso and Brine)

Sábado 8 de Dezembro:
João Baião (It's cold); Rafael Silva (Stable); João Augusto (Supper Stars)

Domingo 9 de Dezembro:
Ann-Kristin Wenzel (chef e food stylist); Chakall (Bulo Social Club, Canteen Mr. Abel, Heterónimo BAAR e Areal Beach Bistrot by Chaka)