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Madeira remains open to tourism

Despite the measures taken in light of the latest changes seen by the increase in covid cases-19, the Madeira archipelago remains open to tourism. Aliás, it should be noted that even in a state of contingency the region maintains economic activity within its normal functioning.

The protection rules relating to Covid-19, remain in general, there was a reinforcement of the testing of the population and its visitors.

For specific events and activities there are, Naturally, some recommendations on the website visit wood. Isto, because in some situations, might be necessary, in addition to the vaccination certificate, a negative antigen test.

Remember that there are several free testing posts available throughout the Autonomous Region of Madeira, that can be consulted AQUI.

It should be noted, a propósito, that the Government of Madeira has been exemplary in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with the timely implementation of preventive measures that have guaranteed international distinctions to the destination.

the island and its inhabitants, knew how to react promptly and safely, implementing efficient measures that allowed to control the pandemic and allow a flow, more or less continuous, of visitors who enjoyed their stay with the confidence of being safe..

Madeira thus remains open to tourism, guaranteeing all safety conditions.

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