Madeira launches Digital Nomads project

The Destiny Madeira, through the startup Madeira and the Regional Government of Madeira, launched a unique project in the world, in order to attract digital nomads and remote workers to work from the Autonomous Region of Madeira: Digital Nomad Village.

This project aims to attract digital nomads professionals from the business sector and entrepreneurs from all over the world to come and work from Madeira, for periods between one to six months, making the island known as one of the best places to work remotely, where they can enjoy an infrastructure created especially for the purpose, from workspaces, activities and community, in a pilot project that aims to “stage” the municipality of Ponta do Sol, which brings together the perfect conditions for nomads looking for the sun and a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by nature and will be the first nomadic village in the world.

The organization believes that this project will have a very positive impact on the local economy, with the attraction of this market niche that may increase consumption in local businesses, reducing the reduction of tourists and the seasonality of the tourist market.