The Port of Lisbon recorded in October the best month ever in number of cruise passengers, chegando aos 108.875 passengers in one month. O previous maximum was 96.261 and dated October 2013.

From the same month of 2017, growth this year was 47%. Transit passengers rose 48%, dos 60.520 para os 89 791. Passengers turnaround were more 43% compared to October 2017 subindo, dos 13.381 para os 19.084.

The high number of passenger flow turnaround in October this year is due to the fact that there have been major turnaround operations and more operations interporting – 8 vs 4 - who contributed 8.546 passengers embarking / disembarking of total 19.084 accounted.

Increasing the number of scales in interporting contributed to a greater supply of cruise tourism from Portugal and enabled the movement of 5.390 Portuguese nationality cruise passengers during the month of October.

In terms of accumulated, from January to October 2018, the cruise activity at the Port of Lisbon recorded 281 escalas e 486.588 passageiros. These numbers represent an increase of 1% on scales and 11% in number of passengers compared to the same period of 2017.