Lisbon between the 100 world's most expensive cities

Lisbon is the 93rd most expensive city in the world in terms of cost of living, subindo 44 positions compared to last year. First is Hong Kong that "changed" with Luanda, now in sixth place.

A by Hong Kong, the cities occupying the 'top 5' of the most expensive in the world are Tokyo, Zurich - the most expensive city in Europe -, Singapura e Only.

The global study by Mercer reports that in 2017, the Portuguese capital held the position 137, and this evolution is the highest increase ever, since the completion of the study.

This is the 24th comparative study on the cost of living carried out by the company and was prepared in March.

Em comunicado, the company explains that the factors driving this increase are mainly due to fluctuations of the euro against the dollar, but also reflect an increase of general prices in the city in the areas of housing, restoration and fuels.

As an example, the study compares the lease of a T2 in Lisbon is around 2.000 euros, while in Paris the value of the 2.600 euros per month, and in London the 3.500 euros, por exemplo.

Em Lisboa, the price of gasoline is the highest compared to cities positioned at the top of this ranking. The analysis states that a liter of unleaded petrol 95 octane costs 1,5 euros, while in Hong Kong costs

It is recalled that this year's ranking includes 209 cities on five continents and determines the comparative cost of over 200 items in each location, incluindo alojamento, transporte, comida, roupa, household goods and entertainment.