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Importance of cultural tourism in enhancing the Azores

The Regional Department of Transport, Tourism and Energy recently organized, in the city of Horta, a training action on the themes "Industrial Tourism in Portugal and the importance of the Azores Routes" for the structuring of the cultural tourism offer.

In your opening speech, the regional secretary, Mário Borges Borges, emphasized the importance of cultural tourism not only for diversification, but also in valuing the destination and the tourist experience.

The government official also reinforced that the strategy for the development of tourism goes through sustainable tourism, based on the protection of the territory and the qualification of the destination, firmly considering that cultural tourism is a key element of destiny, in themes such as those being worked on in the Azores Routes, through the creation of a true collaborative cultural network, around the whaling, of the vineyards and volcanoes.

With regard to industrial tourism, Mário Mota Borges explained, among other examples, the potential of the living industry related to agritourism, as is the case with tea, dairy or canned products.

The event was also attended by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques, which highlighted the Region's enthusiasm for involvement from the first moment in this project of industrial tourism in Portugal, being an active contribution to the Tourism Strategy 20-27, for the promotion of tourism throughout the year and for the most sustainable tourism program 20-23.

Por fim, the secretary of state highlighted the existing support lines for structuring this offer, namely the Offer Qualification Helpline and the return of the Valorizar programme, which will be announced very soon with a new name.

This meeting highlighted the role that cultural tourism will assume in the coming years in the tourist strategy, as well as for the lines of support that Turismo de Portugal will have available to which companies from the living industry of the Azores will be able to compete to enable their facilities to be visited.

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