HBD reopens hotels on the island of Principe

After more than a year of closure, HBD announces that two of its properties on the island of Príncipe, São Tomé, will reopen their doors from 28 de Junho de 2021.

It is recalled that São Tomé and Príncipe has been practically closed to visitors since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

A HBD, owner of Sundy Praia and Roça Sundy, owned by South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth, is closely linked to the Prince since 2011, when you acquired Bom Bom, a luxury resort at the tip of the island.

Em 2017, HBD opened the island's first five-star property, Sundy Beach, a collection of fifteen luxurious 'villas' with tents, located in the lush rainforest on the edge- mar, as well as a colonial style house inserted in a cocoa plantation, converted into a four-star hotel, Roça Sundy.

These two properties will be reopened in June 2021.

Sundy Praias' villas, of various types – with option of one, two or three bedrooms - include private terraces, while three-bedroom ‘villas’ include their own private pool.

A unidade, in addition to other valences, complements the restaurant without walls, o OCA Sundy, built in bamboo.

Also opened in 2017, Roça Sundy is a hotel with more affordable prices away from the coast, comprises only fifteen en suite rooms.