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GEA Group launches View Travel



The GEA Group has recently launched to View Travel, a new technological tool, available for your network and agencies already fully operational, to improve the way the commercial communication with the final consumer, whether through direct contact through email, whether through social networks.

Pierre-Gordon - 2The tool offers a number of capabilities and multimedia resources (a large database of images, videos, pictures, and use apps for smartphone) that allow you to make more appealing product marketing, deepening at the same time the client/agency relationship.

The implementation of this tool is a great asset to the GEA agencies, and enable a reduction of the timings in the buying decision by end consumers, at a time when one of the main challenges of traditional travel agencies is its modus operandi to the new reality typel, According to Peter Gordon, General Director of the GEA Group.

Em Portugal, This tool is only available in the branches of the GEA Group.