Elections in Portugal Centre Tourism rescheduled for 6 de julho

The Electoral General Assembly of Regional Tourist Entity of Central Portugal (TCP), initially scheduled for the day 23 de maio, will hold up to 6 de julho.

The rescheduling of the elections is due to different legal interpretations about the counting of the time limits laid down in Regulation TCP's electoral. For reasons of legal certainty, the Board of the General Meeting decided to void the date originally due, having restarted the procedure with new call addressed to the members of the General Assembly.

Assim, no dia 6 de julho, will then be elected to Executive Board, the Board of the general meeting and the Board of the entity's Marketing, to the mandate 2018-2023.

The polling stations will operate in Aveiro, Leiria and Guard, from 10:00 to 5:00 pm and the lists of nominations must be submitted by 22 de junho, 10 working days before the Election Act.


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