Elections in the Algarve tourist region

The Electoral General Assembly of tourist region of the Algarve (RTA) will be held the next day 11 de maio (sexta-feira), às 15h00, at the headquarters of the entity, em Faro. The Electoral Act will determine the composition of the Executive Board, organ for which it was submitted two lists – Desidério da Silva (List B) and Joao Pedro Fernandes (Lista A) -, and of the Board of the general meeting, with a single electoral list, which President Elidérico Viegas.

Assim, pursuant to regulation of RTA Election, approved in the general meeting held 13 June 2013, a 11 may be voted on the following lists of nominations to governing bodies indicated, with their competitors to positions:

Election to the Board of the general meeting of the RTA


Presidente: Elidérico José Garcia Viegas

Secretário: Naji Jerónimo Coffee Belt

Election to the Executive Committee of RTA


Presidente: João Pedro Ferreira Caldas Fernandes

Vice-Presidente: Maria de Fátima Catarina Coelho

Member: Nuno José Batista da Silva Monteiro


Presidente: Desiderius Jorge da Silva

Vice-Presidente: Daniel Luis dos Santos Queiroz

Member: Ana Isabel Warrior Little Belt


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