Ephemeris of the day 03 August 2018


Today is Friday, 03 de agosto, two hundred and fifteenth day of the year.

Marks the International Day of Beer.

Missing 150 days to the end of 2018.

In the heavens, the Moon is Waning phase. Waning Gibbous, dia 04, às 19:18. The sun rises at 06:39 and the sunset there at 20:45.

Those born on this date belong to the sign Leo, highlighting the English architect James Wyatt (1746), the inventor of the modern elevator, Elisha Graves Otis (1811), the Mexican-born film star Dolores del Rio (1905), British writer P. D. James (1920), the American singer Tony Bennett (1926), US actor Martin Sheen (1940), British Foreign Minister Jack Straw (1946), US filmmaker John Landis (1950).


On this date, em 1492, Christopher Columbus left from Spain to the West, with the caravels Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, with India by destination. Em 1778, It was inaugurated Secala Theater Milan, com to opera "Europa Recognized", of Antonio Salieri. Em 1829, Rossini premiered the opera "William Tell", em Paris.
Em 1914, Germany declared war on France. The next day, Britain declared war on Germany. Em 1958, US nuclear submarine Nautilus completed the first trip to the North Pole.

Em 1959, the Portuguese colonial authorities in Guinea ordered police load on the Bissau port workers, who were on strike. died 50 pessoas, mais de 200 they were injured. It was the massacre of Pidjiguiti.

Em 1960, Niger amounted to independence. Em 1977, died the Archbishop Makarios, Cyprus President. Em 1981, It was created the National Institute of Medical Emergency.

Em 1991, 13 thousand US air traffic controllers went on strike, in protest at working conditions.

Em 1990, after the invasion of Kuwait, US leaders and Soviet appealed to the international community to take concrete action against Iraq. Washington announced the dispatch of a naval force to the Gulf.
Em 1996, Portuguese athlete Fernanda Ribeiro won the gold medal in the ten thousand meters at the Atlanta Olympics, EUA, setting a new Olympic record with the brand 31.01.63m.
Em 2001, Barroso, PSD leader in opposition, ended the trip to East Timor. On the same day, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia condemned the Bosnian Serb general Radislav Krstic to 46 anos
prison, for genocide. Em 2002, Turkey repeal the death penalty and recognized the cultural rights of Kurds. Em 2003, forest fires showed up in uncontrollable 15 dos 18 districts of Continental Portugal.
Em 2004, He was released the ship to study Mercury Messenger, the closest planet to the Sun. On the same day, reopened to the public the Statue of Liberty, em Nova Iorque, closed since the September attacks 2001. And the Locarno Festival opened, with films of Portuguese filmmakers Teresa Villaverde and Catarina Ruivo, in programming.

Em 2005, British Justice deduced the first complaint in the case of the attacks in London, a man of 23 anos, detained after attempting to attack 21 de julho.

Em 2006, It was approved the National Program on Climate Change. Israel resumed aerial bombardment of southern Beirut, bastion of Hezbollah, and attacked Rafah, in southern Gaza Strip. On the same day, at his home in the Swiss Alps, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf died, 90 anos, soprano of German origin.

Em 2007, entered into force the new Immigration Act and the Belem Palace went to join the list of national monuments. The sculptor Angelo de Sousa won the sixth edition of Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Prize (shed Consecration), attributed by the city of Amarante and the Museum Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, in recognition of his career.

Em 2008, died Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 89 anos, Nobel Prize for Literature (1970), in Moscow. Solzhenitsyn is best known for revealing to the world the reality of the Soviet system in books like “The gulag archipelago”, “A Day in Ivan Denisovich Life”, ou “The First Circle”.

Em 2010, die, aos 74 anos, Elvira Sellerio, Italian publisher, Publisher's founder of the same name, em Palermo, in Sicily.

Em 2011, Bubba Smith, former American football star and actor comic saga "Police Academy", would die to 66 years in his Los Angeles home, in California. Rudolf Brazda, last known survivor of the "Pink Triangles", deported for homosexuality by Nazis, would die to 98 anos. Died Nikolai Petrov, Russian pianist, aos 69 anos, in Moscow.

Em 2012, died literary essayist Robert Bréchon, expert in the life and work of Fernando Pessoa, aos 92 anos. Horace Rufino, former political prisoner and member of the Central Committee, would die to 61 anos.

Em 2015, Johanna Quandt, the matriarch of the family that controls BMW, would die to 89 anos. Arius died Lobo de Azevedo, Professor, the first rector of the University of Évora, aos 93 anos.

Em 2016, Chris Amon died, New Zealand considered the best driver in Formula 1 who has never won a race, aos 73 anos.

Em 2017, die, aos 70 anos, in Ibiza, Ángel Nieto old Spanish rider.