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Two parishes of Odemira closed to tourism

All activity of tourist developments and local accommodation establishments in the parishes of São Teotónio and Longueira - Almograve, in the municipality of Odemira, who are in sanitary fence, it's been closed since tuesday, by government decision.

According to an order from the Minister of State, of Economy and Digital Transition published in Diário da República, these two parishes are located, pelo menos, 275 companies that are prevented from working, because many of its employees live outside the area limited to the sanitary fence, determined because of the high incidence of Covid-19 among immigrants working in agriculture in the municipality.

As regards the accommodation sector, many economic operators have seen their staff reduced, no longer able to provide their guests with the quality service by which they are governed, refers to the dispatch.

The Government indicates that the closure of the activity of tourist undertakings and local accommodation establishments located within the perimeter of the sanitary fence is considered desirable, taking into account the concerns expressed by entrepreneurs in the region.

It also says that the operating entities of the tourist undertakings and the local accommodation establishments located in the perimeter of the sanitary fence must communicate to the security forces and the health authorities the identity of the possible guests for the purpose of authorizing their departure..

The order remains in force as long as the sanitary fence lasts in the parishes of São Teotónio and Longueira – Almograve.

Refira-se, igualmente, that last Friday the Government determined the temporary requisition, for reasons of urgency and of public and national interest, “the totality of properties and the inherent rights that make up the ZMar Eco Experience tourist complex, in Longueira-Almograve Parish (Odemira), to accommodate people in compulsory confinement or allow their prophylactic isolation.

That day, cerca de 20 homeowners in the ZMar project gathered in protest at the government's request and expressed their refusal to abandon the houses. This is because the ZMar Eco Experience has a total of 260 homes, das quais cerca de 100 are from the complex and the others 160 are private.

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