Uma (another) way to have a healthy diet

There are “things” that are occasionally offered to this newspaper. Interesting ones, others less good; some that didn't even cross our minds and also others… weird. From books to drinks, going through anti stress, soaps, samples of this and that to sports proposals, political and religious.

We recently received a refrigerated cooler with packages containing small bottles of liquids of various shades.

Looking more closely at the offer, woke us up the phrase add a boost to your day that is, as if to say, in free translation, "What you need is a 'speed' for your day". There is no doubt that it is an attractive phrase and causes curiosity. After all is what we want (and we need).

So let's find out what is this product that was sent to us by Drink6.

This is a 'shot',According to them, and that's good. ‘Shot’? What Drink6 then reveals about its nutritional shot ...

First note to note is that you should drink one of these 'shots' daily and fasting, before breakfast. It should be added that the 60ml of each bottle contains neither lactose, not gluten.

In a nutshell it can be said that it is more of a help for those who want a conscious and healthy diet, based on six vital nutrients: protein, “clean” carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, fiber and water.

I open a parenthesis because at this point I have met several people who use this product (or identical), in addition to our two ‘guinea pigs’, and say they are satisfied, who experience improvements in liver and intestine functioning. As for the flavor, opinions are quite different.

Returning to the topic, Drink6 presents three functional shots: Energy Shot, AntioxShot e Cold Care Shot, which is the most recent, containing ginger, turmeric and black pepper among other ingredients.

Although the company says that you should take a daily shot during 12 days to notice positive changes in the body, at the end of 8-10 some changes are already felt.

If you are interested in knowing more about these ‘shots’ click AQUI.