Lisboa, 20 May - The Chronicles of Cuba continue, mas, from now written on home soil. and today I will talk about one of the key products of the culture and the Cuban economy.

Cuba is world renowned for its rum and the cigars. No entanto, nos últimos anos, there are things that have been changing. The region of Pinar del Rio, where tobacco plantations are concentrated, It has registered a change in its economy. If before the income of residents depended solely on production, manufacture and sale of cigars today it turns out something … more residual.

Plantations remain, as well as the factory of cigars. However today the main source of income are the tourists. Every day there are buses, coming from Havana, to bring tourists to know the region and the process of making a cigar. And many of them spend the night in the various existing homes and are available to rent.

And the region is worth a visit. Not only the cigar itself but also because the region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but there it is located one of the three main mountain ranges in Cuba, the Cordillera Guaniguanico.

Enjoy, go to the viewpoint and get an overview of the whole valley of Viñales.

Alexandra Costa

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