Covid-19: fined more than 1400 passageiros e 38 companhias aéreas

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) made another balance of the fines applied to passengers and airlines.

Assim, nos 19 after entry into force the measure, had been fined more than 1.400 passageiros e 38 airlines for lack of negative test to SARS-CoV-2, or recovery certificate.

Desde 01 December that all passengers arriving in Portugal by air are required to present a negative test or recovery certificate upon arrival.

They are exempt from mandatory testing, PCR or fast, passengers on domestic flights, minors 12 years and the crews.

According to the MAI, 38 airlines were fined for carrying passengers without a negative test or recovery certificate, having most of these companies transported people from Europe.

Airlines that carry passengers without a negative test incur a fine between 20.000 e 40.000 euros per passenger and travelers are also subject to administrative offenses for not presenting a test on arrival, entre os 300 e os 800 euros.