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ADHP Congress – It is not possible to wait for time that does not exist

ADHP Congress, em Évora (15OUT20) – The President of .CONCERNING, Raul Ribeiro Ferreira, He said on Thursday (15), em Évora, at the opening of the XVI Congress of the Association, that it is not possible to wait for time that does not exist, implementing measures to support the sector, jeopardizing the management and consequently the survival of many companies.

Raul Ribeiro Ferreira recalled, in his speech, that over the past few months the role of hotel managers has focused primarily on ensuring the stability and safety of all employees, want physics, want emotional, and just like that we were able to convey the confidence that customers needed to return to using hotels.

Didn't forget, also that many areas are experiencing catastrophic numbers, and that in the coming months there are no big changes in the panorama and therefore, all public and private entities, has a duty to work together so that when this crisis is overcome, continue to exist there are tourist companies, referred the associative leader.

– For this joint work to continue to bear fruit, similar to what has happened in recent months, a quick response from public entities is essential, praised.

By way of example we have the extraordinary support measures for the progressive recovery, that were announced in the daytime council of ministers 8 de Outubro, without approval as of today. We know that there should be no change, but we are working without the certainty of your approval, warned Raul Ribeiro Ferreira.

The Association of the Directors of Hotels in Portugal assumed the holding of this congress in person, at the University of Évora, que conta com 160 registered. For its president it is an event that is referenced and these hotel managers already have it every year. Por we thought we had to do it and we had to meet the needs of hotel managers and different partners, but also because it is one of the few that will happen this year and it is essential to be able to give this signal to the market. We are aware of the challenge of having a face-to-face event with this number of people at the moment, but it is also essential for hotel managers to return to normality with the possible conditions that we know, esclareceu.

For hotel managers, it is essential to return to normality as possible with the possible constraints that we know exist in the labor market and above all to transmit a message of confidence to all clients, ensuring your safety. An example of this are the good hygiene practices that exist in hotels, with the measures that are in practice today in the vast majority of hotel units in our country, and the result of the implementation of the Clean Seal & Safe. Security has been achieved, secured, to add that this safety standard was not born now is the result of a long work that has been developed over the years by professionals in the sector, internationally recognized with levels of hygiene and safety, superior to other competing markets.

Also, Raul Ribeiro Ferreira assured that this congress wants to signal to the market that the reasons why Portugal was elected the best destination in the world, all remain unchanged. Directors want to contribute, as they always did so that this situation, as soon as the market allows, become a reality again.

With the main theme ‘The future starts now’, the XVI ADHP Congress, that runs until the end of today (sexta-feira) at the University of Évora, yesterday discussed topics such as ‘People management trends’, debating the necessary adaptation of organizational culture in a world dominated by technology; and ‘The bet on innovation’, where solutions and new technological features were presented at the service of the hotel industry. At the end of yesterday, several hoteliers were awarded the ‘2020 Xénio Awards’ at a dinner attended by the new president-elect of CCRD Alentejo, António Ceia da Silva, and the president of CTP, Francisco Calheiros, whose notes we will give in detail in future articles.

In addition to the speech by Raul Ribeiro Ferreira, the opening session of the event included interventions by Carlos Pinto de Sá, Mayor of Évora, Vítor Silva, presidente da Agência Regional de Promoção Turística do Alentejo, of the Rector of the University of Évora, Ana Costa Freitas, and Filipe Silva, of the administration of Turismo de Portugal. The closing session will be chaired by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques.

For this Friday, the congress still reserves other discussions such as: ‘Another perspective of training’ – The importance of lifelong learning - new ways of thinking and doing; ‘The value of environmental certification’ – tool ensures quality of destination; ‘Digital transformation’ – How to adjust the business model benefiting from technological advances; ‘Event capture - The right match between demand and supply’ – Generator of new demand and increased awareness of the regions; and ‘Tourism recovery / restructuring, when and how?’.

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