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ADHP Junior Congress takes place today

The III ADHP Junior Congress under the motto “The Intern – Inform and Dignify” takes place today (25) at the Higher Technical Institute of Education and Science and will start at 9:00 am.

The purpose of the congress is to debate the role of the intern and the challenges he faces in the job market.

The theme arises from the need to create a formal moment to reflect and draw conclusions about the companies' vision, of recent graduates and students in relation to the challenges inherent in the profession, as well as analyzing the positive impact that interns have on companies.

Although the information only reached us yesterday, we can say that the event will be recorded and made available on the ADHP YouTube page, on a date to be defined.

The Congress consists of four panels and a debate, in the morning, two themes will be addressed.: "The Internship" and "The Demand and the Supply".

During the afternoon, the theme “Is the Future a Russian Roulette” will be debated?”, a conversation between speakers with different paths, where do you intend to approach, essencialmente, three issues: "It will be a good internship, a matter of luck?”; "There is something companies can do differently?” and finally “There is something students can do differently?”, arguing, desta forma, the various points of view. To complete, the last panel is dedicated to "Personal and Team Coaching" and the defining moment that comes "After the internship".

Free subscription, but mandatory, devendo para o efeito enviar-se um e-mail para geral@adhp.org, with the following data: name, email, position and company.

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