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  • Vueling: numerous calls cancelled in Portugal

    The third day of hunger strike of Vueling cancels last, quinta-feira, 10 links to and from the airports of Porto and Lisbon, According to information on the website of the carrier. It should be noted that on the same page is referenced to today, sexta-feira, There will be six cancellations in the capital. For today, the low cost carrier Vueling announced Spanish almost 110 […]

  • Airbnb: quase 54 thousand guests received by hosts of Lisbon

    With the Eurovision music festival a few days away music lovers around the world are preparing to celebrate a week with the best European musical performances. Having regard to this global phenomenon of POP culture, Airbnb has examined the reservations made for the week of the event, descobrindo as principais tendências […]

  • Launched "365 Alentejo-Ribatejo"

    With the tagline "A new day, Every day!”, the campaign "365 Alentejo – Ribatejo "aims to support the promotion and dissemination of a structuring event calendar that are performed in the Alentejo and Ribatejo, giving greater notoriety among the various segments of the national and international markets, consequentemente, alavancar o número de visitantes […]

  • Elections in the Algarve tourist region

    The Electoral General Assembly of tourist region of the Algarve (RTA) will be held the next day 11 de maio (sexta-feira), às 15h00, at the headquarters of the entity, em Faro. The Electoral Act will determine the composition of the Executive Board, organ for which it was submitted two lists – Desidério da Silva (List B) and Joao Pedro Fernandes […]

  • Awards "Tourism of Alentejo and Ribatejo tourism" " 2017

    The Regional Tourism Authority reveals Sunday, dia 6 de Maio, the winners of the eighth edition of the awards "Alentejo Tourism" and the fourth edition of the Awards "Tourism Ribatejo", a ceremony to be held at the Cultural Center of Montargil, municipality of Ponte de Sor. In addition to the awards, vão ser também entregues algumas distinções e […]

  • Roberto New Sales for the first time in national

    The municipality of New Sales will advance, This month, with the completion of the first Roberto fair to promote gastronomic product more genuine Alentejo city. The famous ", known throughout the country and which are registered trademark since 2011, are cooked for more than 30 anos de uma forma especial, que, convidam […]

  • Museum of the life of Christ in Fatima will be auctioned

    The building of the Museum of the life of Christ, in Fatima, will the auction today, quarta-feira, for a total amount of about 5,3 milhões de euros. According to the auction house Leilosoc, with headquarters in Porto, the property value is 4.456.063 euros and of movable property is 836.187 euros. The auction, com […]

  • Large Bay promoted in international tourism Expo in Macau

    The promotion of the tourist destination of Great Bay Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao route multi-destino was in focus in the talks between representatives of the tourist industry of Portugal and China, in the international tourism Expo in Macau, that ended last Sunday. According to the Macau Government Tourist Office (DST), representantes da indústria turística de […]

  • Bob Dylan creates brand of whiskey

    The American musician Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize in Literature (2016), will launch in may, a brand of whiskey's, the "Heaven's Door", a business for which managed to raise over 28 millions of euros from investors. According to the New York Times, Bob Dylan and the businessman Marc Bushala created the company Heaven's Door Spirits in […]

  • Macau Casinos: revenues rise in April

    The inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) Macao reported that revenues in April registered a slight descent, less than 1%, compared to the previous month, March, When they reached the 2,62 mil milhões de euros. No entanto, the Macau casinos closed April with revenues of 2,6 thousand million […]

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