Open applications for Transforming Tourism

Applications for the Transform Tourism Program are now open, which has an endowment of 20 millions of euros to bet on the creation of an increasingly sustainable tourism, responsible and intelligent, through product development, innovative services and businesses that qualify the territory and behave, in addition to competitive advantages for organizations, tangible social benefits and positive impact on the environment.

The two lines of support included in the Program – Smart Territories and Regenerate Territories – are intended for public and private entities in the sector., preferably grouped in joint projects, network or in Collective Efficiency Strategies, which have as a backdrop the development and tourism innovation of the territories through projects that encourage activities or services with greater added value linked to relevant tourist products, such as cultural and heritage tourism, nature tourism, industrial tourism, literary tourism, wine tourism and gastronomic tourism.

Neste sentido, the Intelligent Territories line has a global allocation of 4 million euros and is open until 31 de dezembro de 2022.

The Regenerate Territories line, com uma dotação de 16 milhões de euros, extend your term until 31 de dezembro de 2023. Applications can be submitted through the SGPI platform of Turismo de Portugal.

As provided for in the Plan "Reactivate Tourism | Build the Future”, the Transform Tourism Program succeeds the Valorizar Program, criado em 2016 to support public and private investment in qualifying Portugal as a tourist destination.

The Secretary of State of tourism, Rita Marques, stresses that the Transform Tourism Program thus evolves towards the transformation of tourism, to respond to the sector's new needs and consumer interests and strengthen its competitive dynamics, with a view to surpassing the objectives and targets of economic sustainability, environmental and social defined in the Tourism Strategy 2027.

Webinar on the Transform Tourism Program

Portugal organizes tourism, no dia 21 de Janeiro, a webinar aimed at potential project promoters, during which it will be presented, in greater detail, the Transform Tourism Program and the two lines of support.

Participation is free and entries will soon be available on the Turismo de Portugal portal.