Blogger's Open World Awards of momondo already have finalists

The second edition of the Open World Awards of momondo, considered the greatest national competition of travel blogs in Portugal, received 678 nominations for the Open World categories, Blog, Photography and video.

Lifestyle, world travel and adventure are the inspirations in the 40 blogs by finalists, that leads us to dream about our next vacation and discover new wonders of the world, such as the best beaches, trendy restaurants, the most amazing hotels, the breathtaking views and the most amazing monuments.

Os 10 finalists in each category were determined after the online poll of more than 22 thousand Portuguese, que decorreu entre os dias 9 e 18 de abril. During the deliberation of the jury, the momondo will reveal the winners of the Open World Awards the next day 24 de Maio, at an awards ceremony in Lisbon.