Despite fines passengers and airlines continue to disobey

As incredible as it may seem – and a strong increase in the value of fines should already be thought of – both passengers and airlines continue to prevaricate.

In a note released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), entre 01 de Dezembro de 2021 e 16 de Janeiro de 2022, not only more than 2.300 passengers were fined for trying to enter Portugal through air borders without a negative test, as they were also fined 41 airlines for boarding these passengers without a negative SARS-CoV-2 test.

Refira-se, facing the numbers updated by the NEVER, in that same period were inspected 1.586.295 passageiros e 15.309 voos, that resulted in 2.370 counter-ordinances.

Control at the border areas will last until 09 de Fevereiro.