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Algarve marks reopening of border with Spain


At a meeting to be held today, by 12:15, in the garden of the Tourist Office of the International Bridge of the Guadiana, the Algarve Intermunicipal Community - AMAL and Turismo do Algarve mark the reestablishment of the crossing point on the border between Andalusia and this Portuguese region.

The Secretary of State for Fisheries and regional coordinator of the fight against Covid-19 in the Algarve will be present, José Apolinário, the consul of Spain in the Algarve, Eduardo Serra Jorge, the consul general of Portugal in Seville, João Queirós, the chairman of the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, Francisco Serra, and the Algarve Regional Director for Agriculture and Fisheries, Pedro Monteiro. Join António Pina, president by AMAL, and João Fernandes, President of the Tourism in the Algarve.

This moment marks the end of the suspension of the exceptional and temporary measure to control people at the borders between the two countries., that was part of the Covid-19 disease pandemic program, and it is framed in cooperation and good economic relations, social and cultural factors that exist between the territories.


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