Algarve: 1,65 EU support ME for promotion

The Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) Algarve informed that the Algarve's tourism promotion has already mobilized 1,65 million euros in European Union support, through applications to the CRESC Algarve regional program 2020.

These supports were granted to the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA) and have as main objectives the internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) or the enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, according to CCDR / Algarve in a statement, adding to the institutional capacity building integrated into sectoral and territorial partnerships, the training of workers and the promotion of information and communication technologies in administration and public services are other objectives foreseen for the granting of support.

Refira-se, a propósito, that actually, six of these applications are still in progress, representing a global investment of 1,36 million euros and support from 0,89 million euros from European funds, from the European Regional Development Fund (FEATHER) and the European Social Fund (FSE).

Stimulate the development and internationalization of the cultural and creative industries based on local crafts and agri-food products in the Algarve, are also targeted at these supports.

Among many other projects is to promote the internationalization of SMEs in the Algarve region; the creation and promotion of new tourist routes with a focus on the region's gastronomy and wines; and the training of RTA workers.