EasyJet to make immense accuses AirHelp compensation

The AirHelp recently released the conclusion of a study in which States that it is virtually impossible for consumers to receive compensation derived from disruptions in flights of the airline easyJet without resorting to a comprehensive legal support. Using internal data, the AirHelp investigated more than 27.000 claims for compensation resulting from disruptions in flights from easyJet and concluded that, unless legal action has been taken, the company only compensates passengers in less than 2% of cases.

According to AirHelp, While the probability of financial compensation without legal assistance is very low, a request handled by an attorney specializing in the global legal network of the company has eight times more likely to be successful. Além disso, the response time of the airline changed dramatically from 80 days to just over 40 dias, When the application for a claim was made by a lawyer.

EasyJet recently pointed out that responds to passengers who submit valid requests through your website and who collaborates with local agencies. Por seu lado, the AirHelp responds, even when there is no response on the part of the company, many times this is not clear or complete, as required by European regulation EC261, because the negative responses are not accompanied by the reasons and documents that support, and the positive responses are not accompanied by the payment due or the request of the data needed for the payment.

He adds that even when airlines claim to "work" with consumer associations or arbitration boards, the truth is that only a specialized legal team could lead airlines to court when the requests of travelers are wrongly rejected, Since the decisions of these bodies are often not binding.


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