Açores: Consolidate the region as a destination for Nature

In the present discussion of the Plan and Budget for 2022, the Regional Secretary for Transport, Tourism and Energy, Mário Borges Borges, during one of his interventions addressing Tourism, he said that the Government's strategy for the sector is oriented towards consolidating the Region as a destination of Nature, of excellence and experiential, that stands out for its uniqueness and for being a model of sustainable tourism.

A model that values ​​the territory, the residents and their culture, that qualifies and encourages the distribution of tourist flows and, consequentemente, of value across the nine islands and throughout the year, explicou o governante, referring that in 2022, the recovery work will continue., which this year stood out with an excellent performance on the national scene. We were the region that grew the most in tourism in the first nine months of this year.

The payment of debts of the Azores Tourism Association, that the previous government took over, in an amount greater than 2,5 milhões de euros, limited and limits the investment in 2021 e 2022. Even so, we will maintain our commitment to the sector..

Mário Borges points to the need to make up for lost time in previous Legislatures with regard to the review of POTRAA – Tourism Planning Program for the Autonomous Region of the Azores, whose technical review has been completed since mid- 2019, but it was forgotten by the previous executive. Once the pandemic context is over, its implementation appears soon, Frisian.

But remember too, according to the regional secretary, in addition to POTRAA, the revision of the PEMTA is underway - Azores Tourism Strategic and Marketing Plan, whose useful life ended in 2020.

In addition to the above projects, we are investing in emblematic lines of the tourist product, namely in the thematic cultural routes and unprecedented structuring of the network of walking routes, concluded.