Açores 2021: 1.796,0 thousand overnight stays in tourist accommodation

Regional statistics service of the Azores (SREA), in a report on tourist activity in the region for the month of November 2021, highlights that the Azores recorded 1.796,0 thousand overnight stays in tourist accommodation (hotéis, hotéis-apartamentos, Apartamentos turísticos, pousadas, TER and local accommodation), entre Janeiro e Novembro de 2021, more than double that recorded in the same period of 2020, but less a million than in 2019.

Tourists residing in Portugal represented the majority of overnight stays in the Azores, in the first 11 meses de 2021 (about a million), contrary to what happened in 2019, where the number of residents abroad (1,7 milhões) surpassed that of nationals (1,1 milhões).

Between January and November 2021, hotel establishments accounted for more than half of tourist overnight stays in the Azores (cerca de 1,1 milhões), having recorded a growth of 118,4% face ao período homólogo.

Despite representing the lowest number of overnight stays (48.878), tourism in rural areas was the typology that grew the most in this period (190,9%).

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