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Brussels makes recommendation to facilitate travel on EU travel

A now updated recommendation for coordination to facilitate safe free movement during the pandemic, already sent by the European Commission to the Council, suggests a person-based approach, for whoever has a valid EU Covid-19 Digital Certificate is not, on principle, subject to additional restrictions, such as testing or quarantine, regardless of your place of departure in the Union.

This recommendation is due to the increase in coronavirus cases, suggesting that vaccinated individuals are not subjected to additional restrictions and that non-vaccinated individuals are further tested.

Por seu lado, the institution to the member states, who are responsible for the final decision on travel proposes that people without an EU Covid-19 Digital Certificate may be required to take a pre-arrival or post-arrival test..

Remember that this approach is based on the EU Digital Certificate, proof of testing (negative), SARS-CoV-2 virus vaccination or recovery, which entered into force in the Union at the beginning of July and of which, até agora, have already been issued more than 650 millions of certificates that are recognized in 41 países.

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