11st semester: air traffic continues to fall at Portuguese airports

The latest data released by ANAC show that in the first six months of this year, Portuguese airports operated 4,46 milhões de passageiros, total that compares with 25,4 million in the same period of 2019, pre-pandemic.

The Portuguese aeronautical authority indicates that only in June, the biggest breaks took place at Lisbon airports (-74%) and Faro (-71%), month in which they were moved 1,62 milhões de passageiros.

Even so, in the month under review, Lisbon remained the largest Portuguese airport in June, com 760 mil passageiros, followed by Porto, com 443,1 mil (-63%), by Faro, com 313 mil, funchal hair, com 144,2 mil (-49%), and by Ponta Delgada, com 104,3 mil, with a reduction of 51%.

According to ANAC, low cost Ryanair was the company that transported the most passengers to and from Portugal in June, dethroning TAP.

Data published by ANAC, show that Ryanair moved at Portuguese airports almost 393 thousand passengers during the past month of June, mais 40 thousand than to TAP. The first had a break in traffic from 60%, and the second 78%.

It should be noted that in June 2019, TAP led with 1,59 milhões de passageiros, while Ryanair had 981,4 mil.