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A new world of wine is born in Vila Nova de Gaia



The Fladgate Partnership will convert part of your assets in a new world of wine, the World of Wine (Wow).

This ambitious new project will dramatically increase the number of spaces, that can be known and exploited by tourists, offering five different and unique experiences: "Wine Experience", "Cork Experience", "Port Through the Ages", "Fashion & Design Museum "and" The History of Drinking Vessels ".

Adrian Bridge, Director-General of The Fladgate Partnership, States that the intention is to create a catalyst, to encourage investment and development, transforming and enjoying the city.

Tourism and hospitality companies will benefit from the increased demand generated by World of Wine, by increasing the average stay of the guests and of reducing the effect of seasonality, associated with the lowest occupancy periods, between November and March.

In an area of more than 30.000 m2, occupied by our old warehouses of port, due to the evolution of the sector are now empty, born a great cultural complex, retail and catering, you want to be an important Center for the expansion of tourism.

The investment will be of 80 a 100 milhões de euros, creating, in the process of construction, mais de 150 postos de trabalho.

When opening, in June 2020, will create 350 direct jobs, Permanent. Initially the project will serve 560.000 visitantes, that will be in the World of Wine more than 1 million cultural visits.

The WoW, is design of Potential national interest (PIN), It occupies 30.000 M2 in the first phase of development and 7.500 M2 in subsequent ventures.

As Experiences

Wine Experience – Tell the story of Portuguese wines from the vineyard to the bottle, contextualizing them with the other great wines of the world explaining the varieties, the soils, weather patterns and the wine-making techniques, that make Portugal an interesting producer of great wines; Cork Experience – We find Cork Stoppers bottles but also the engine of our cars and in our homes, in various forms. Dress Cork, We use it in decoration and even took her to space! This experience will take the visitor to follow the journey of Cork from the tree to its most varied applications; Port Through the Ages – For more than a thousand years and to this day that the North of Portugal, its cities and towns, have been one of the most exciting places to live. Let's get to know this extraordinary people; Fashion & Design Museum – Let us know how big, vibrant and diverse is the fashion and Design industry, in the North of Portugal; e, The History of Drinking Vessels – the glass needs to be able to contain a liquid. Find out how things have changed over the past 8.000 anos.

The project is complemented with the school of wine that will be the place of reference in Portugal to learn about Portuguese wines; 12 Catering areas, from gourmet restaurant to bistro, including several cafes; event space, located in the central square of the World of Wine, with wonderful views of the city and the best and most sophisticated event management; several small craft shops, that will be true Windows traditional handicraft; space for temporary exhibitions and underground parking for 150 cars.